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      I started with theHOTH as a remote freelance writer in July of 2017. Since that date, I have written about 1,000 blog posts for businesses in the United States, Australia, Canada, Thailand, England, and Zimbabwe in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, tourism, investments, and technology.


      After nine months with theHOTH, I began editing and performing topics and keyword research for our posts using Ahrefs. But I was making more money before when I was solely writing the blog posts. This fact frustrated me and I felt the system wasn't working the way it should.


      In time, I went to Florida for a couple months and had the opportunity to see the company headquarters for the first time. While I was there, I ran into Marc Hardgrove, one of the owners of our company. He pulled me into his office for an hour-long conversation where I shared with him my issues with the pay and incentive structure they were using for remote employees. 


      Although I had many thoughts, they were unorganized at that point, so I asked Marc to allow me to take the weekend to put together a report on my findings. As someone who had worked three roles for theHOTH, my insights were highly valued.


      I wrote a nearly twenty-page report that was truly quite spectacular. The following Tuesday, I met with the head of the content department, as well as Marc, to go over my report. What I submitted is featured below. 



Note: I can't link to my published ghostwritten posts here, as per company policy. But, if you send me an email, I can. 


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