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Each day energy pumps through the wires in the walls of your home at a breakneck pace, powering everything from your computer to your air conditioner, and costing you a small fortune. But, by installing solar panels, you can forever free yourself from the yoke of the power company and put yourself in charge. You can produce your own 100% clean energy and sell back whatever you don't use. Gone are the days of government monopoly, you have options.  


Your power supply doesn't have to end at your doorstep. Plug in an electric car, charge up, and you will save hundreds of dollars a year. A solar lifestyle is one of choice and freedom.

Read on to explore the possibilities today.

Electricity rates in America have increased, on average, 6.7% each year for the last 15 years.

keep the lights on.

Solar energy can provide a nearly endless supply of power. Third in the nation for rooftop solar potential, Florida's sunshine currently powers 252,597 homes.

avoid the pump.

You can charge your electric car with solar energy overnight to be ready to commute in the morning, eliminating trips to the gas pump.

make a global impact.

Your carbon emissions have a global impact, by choosing solar you increase the health of the entire planet. No pressure.

The outlandish inventions featured in this video demonstrate the incredible versatility and innovation occurring in the solar industry.

Solar power can be used to power just about anything, its only limit is your imagination!


If you are ready to join the revolution and learn how to harness the awesome power of the sun, click the link above to visit Solar Power Rocks, where you will find an individualized guide with step-by-step instructions to lead you the whole way.

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