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The Pen That Crafts Culture

Updated: May 23, 2020

Advertising was born out of necessity.

Admittedly, I was not.

It's up to me to create my own necessity.

To hone my talents - cutting away what won't work, and crafting the most intricate of keys.

I shave a little off this side, a little more off that.

Testing the lock after each adjustment - longing to hear a satisfying click.

As each subsequent lock opens, I'm led into ever larger chambers full of red herrings.

It's necessary to reshape my key as I travel through these caverns searching for the proper passage for my journey.

Some chambers I pass through with no resistance.

Some, I search for years to exit.

And some, I choose to linger in just a moment longer than necessary.

But, after melding into one set of core values, it's immediately necessary for me to reexamine them.

To grow to fit an ever larger lock.

To find the passage I'm meant to open and to become just who I need to be to enter it.

No one knows what's at the center of this maze.

But, to focus on it would be to close your eyes to life.

You don't live in the furthest chamber.

It's merely an ideal, meant to direct us towards our most necessary purposes.

To achieve it would mean that you most certainly should dream bigger.

Some explore the wrong chambers, amused by the wrong things, changing to fit the wrong locks.

Some get to a stopping point on their own journey and choose to go back and help others.

And some cling desperately to their previous accomplishments - content to give no more.

Advertising is a pen that can write the directions to any chamber.

It can be your greatest ally or serve as the most destructive of weapons.

It's the best indoor sport there is - a constant challenge to do better, dream bigger, and aim higher.

It allows me an opportunity to light the largest of billboards saying, "Hey over here!"

So, now I invite you inside my chamber door.

By entering this site, you agree to let me show you what I can do.

And maybe, with a little luck, you'll find me necessary too.

-Gabrielle Curry

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