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The endless hassle that leads us from one day to the next.

Often I align myself toward the crimson promise of success,

Offering sacrifices at its alter - health, time, and resources.

Flailing along, bobbing under the water, pulled by the whips and chains of desperation.

Giving up in these moments used to be the standard,

But insanity lies in repetition.

"Sometimes my faith is that my faith will return." J.K. Rowling

I now distance myself from the pain of externalities in the pressured hope that my true sanctuary exists only within myself.

I cleanse my spirit of the impurities I planted, knowing nothing could grow in such a disparate environment.

I begin my path.

I seek to grow my sanctuary to care for others.

To give all I have and truly expect nothing in return.

To allow those into my care that use me and speak ill of my name.

I will maintain my strength and show them a new purity they never allowed themselves to believe in.

To not give only when it is easy, but to donate the last five dollars in my pocket,

Knowing their value did not leave me.

To show no weakness in my discernment of worth

Allowing others imperfections to have no impact on my passion, drive, and recognition.

Let a thousand people steal from me, having taken nothing.

Let millions stab the shards of their shattered dreams at me and their blows will always miss their mark.

Let others take up this cause as their own.

Craft their passions and dreams and share their strength shoulder to shoulder,

Knowing the rising tide raises all ships.

None will go hungry when there is a proven recipe to feed everyone.

Let not your neighbors success mar your self-worth,

But shine as a beacon illuminating the shore making your approach feel ever nearer.

If a moment remains when you question continuing

When you wonder if you may be just as happy an easier way,

Take a glimpse at that darkening shadow on the horizon,

Each breath draws death ever nearer.

It doesn't have to be feared,

But to ignore its approach often hastens its arrival.

Rest if you need.

When you close your sails and seek a safe harbor be sure not to stay too long.

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