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Meet My Clients

This year, I was grateful to partner with many businesses. I wrote the blog for a legal practice in Kentucky, ghostwrote posts for a business brokerage, and wrote a wide variety of blogs, landing pages, and eBooks for companies that hired me through UpWork.

I also took on several clients of my own writing weekly blog posts for the following businesses in the last year:

Dolan Sales, Inc.

I started the year with my first client Dolan Sales, Inc. - a business brokerage my Uncle owns in Fort Lauderdale. His existing blog had about a hundred articles he put together himself. I was hired on to publish 3 blog posts per week. During my course as the primary writer for Dolan Sales, I also updated some of the copy on his website. He shared my posts to both Facebook and LinkedIn and received a positive response particularly to my articles, "When Excess Inventory Becomes a Deal Killer" and "How Delegation is Key to Your Business Valuation".

Bob Dolan had this to say about my work,

"I am on a mission to dominate in my field of Business Brokerage/M&A, using social media as one of the means. I am a licensed FL Real Estate Broker and have been selling businesses for over 45 years. Gabrielle has shown passion and grit with her skilled, disciplined writing to help me rise to the top. She spends time the required time researching the topic and presents it in a way that gets people to think about it. I am grateful to have realized her talent and look to significantly increase more work in the future. I highly recommend Gabrielle Curry."

Kentucky Legal Team

What started off as an initial contract for some blog posts, quickly became a dynamic GMB strategy. Chandler Maze is a tenacious and passionate young lawyer who wants to use the latest SEO technology to rank for popular keywords in his local area the good old fashioned way. Together, we've put together a robust SEO strategy that includes weekly GMB posts, locations pages, SEO blog posts, and more. After a year of working together on his website,

Chandler had this to say about my work.

"Gabrielle has been the number one reason my business has progressed so well this year. She is easy to communicate with and always maintains a professional tone. She is also full of new suggestions and works well as a member of a team. Importantly, Gabrielle provides much-needed explanations for anything that has been outside of my expertise. By doing so, I am able to make the best, most informed decisions.

She is also willing to learn anything needed to complete a project. I would highly recommend her services."

Andrew Haried Real Estate

My friend, Andrew Haried, reached out to me in need of a website for his real estate team. I sprang into action putting together this site made using Wix.

Soon, we will be adding more copy, forms, and images to the site. Then, I'll be writing a blog about the best neighborhoods in Chicago for all different kinds of people. I can't wait to put together my love for the city of Chicago with my passion for writing to make a great blog for Andrew in the near future, and possibly write scripts for a vlog series after that!

In the meantime, here's a short form copy piece I wrote for Andrew's bio,

"Andrew is a Chicago native committed to empowering people to make sound real estate choices. As an eagle scout, he was raised to believe that integrity was neither optional nor an obstacle. He uses his values to create solid relationships with buyers and sellers alike. He is globally-minded and set up residences for himself in Spain, Ecuador, France, and Italy before returning to Chicago to help people of all backgrounds make their home in the community that raised him. He speaks fluent Spanish and does his best with Italian. He’s happy to meet you where you’re at financially, linguistically, and geographically. Call him today so he can show you what this town has to offer."

This website was started by an SEO professional 18 months ago and now has about 50,000 site visitors a month. The style of writing on the site was developed by the client who gave me specific instructions about the tone and rhetorical devices he wanted me to use. I am currently writing a bucket brigade-style blog for the site. My first post just went live today! Check out the blog here.


Kalypso is an internet-based app used by network marketing professionals to keep their leads organized, manage their downline, and communicate with their team. They recently contacted me to create a blog for their website that will later be turned into an eBook to help network marketers grow their businesses. You can check out my first blog post in the series here. We'll be posting more advice twice a week for the next twelve weeks, so stay tuned for more!


CoinFlip is the leading bitcoin ATM operator in the world. I recently wrote their June newsletter and hope to help them out with more projects in the future.

As you can see from my recent portfolio, I help a lot of different kinds of people accomplish their goals. What my clients have in common is that they need a great writer to communicate their message. I work hard every day to ensure I'm learning everything I can so that my words will do their job - create conversions and drive sales.

I'd be happy to take a look at anything you're working on and give you some advice. Want to get in touch with me about a project?

Send me an email to or add me on LinkedIn.

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