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How to Write a Landing Page for a Fitness Coaching Business

After finishing her certification in personal training, my cousin was having trouble drumming up business for her fitness coaching company. I tried to step in and give her a hand using my skills as a freelance writer.

But, Search Engine Optimization techniques wouldn't work in her industry. There were already too many people in that niche for her to stand out using keywords alone. We simply didn't have a budget for a pay-per-click campaign. Developing her customer base from afar seemed an insurmountable obstacle.

Times, they are changing.

But, as you well know if you're a fitness trainer, a lot of the work is selling yourself. Now that the world has gone digital, she has the opportunity to sign people up for her coaching services right from home.

Morgan and I will be working together in the future on a series of wellness articles. We plan to release content over time and would be happy to help others learn from the strategies we choose.

When we first chose to work together, I wrote a chunk of content for Morgan's blog at the time. Check out this example of a great personal training bio and let me know if you want me to get started on one for your business soon!

Hey, I’m Morgan - a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and health coach working to help women overcome their insecurities, stop doubting themselves, ditch their all-or-nothing mentalities and grow to be the most confident version of themselves.

When I led aerobics classes, I noticed that all women - young and old - struggle to feel like their figure is enough. From an early age, women are made to feel that if only they could be a little bit thinner, then they would be so much happier.

My struggle with body image started in middle school. I longed to attract the opposite sex, but I didn’t feel my figure was enough to get their attention unless I put it on display. For years, I linked my self worth to the reactions of others, forcing myself to let go of my values.

As I continued with my struggle for acceptance, I began exercising as a way to get more positive attention. But although I loved seeing the changes in my body, I still was struggling on the inside. I had the mentality of failure because my success wasn’t being measured from within.

It wasn’t until I came to love and understand myself that I was able to find my inner strength and begin my journey leading other women to self-acceptance. That’s why I go beyond creating diet and exercise plans to get to the source of your image issues and plot out a route to get you feeling whole and satisfied.

My goal is to move the world one step closer to a state of acceptance and I’m starting with you. Contact me today for a free consultation.

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