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Campaign Ideas

Advertising is the best indoor sport there is. Gatorade says it's in me. It makes me want to fight, win, compete. Think different. A diamond is forever, a fleeting message turned into a cultural tradition. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas. Commercialization creates, commercialization is the clay by which culture is crafted. Not everyone can start a trend, maybe she's born with it. Never waste a talent, be the ultimate marketing machine. Creativity, don't leave home without it. Be like Avis, try harder. I don't know what the future holds, I just do it. There are some things money can't buy, but it pays the bills. I don't want to be looking in. The few, the proud, the copywriters. 

Parrot Bay, often imitated, never duplicated.

Parrot Bay is a household name. It has existed for many years with the sole campaign of pretty colors. Its only promise - to be fun. In a world where craft beer is overtaking the domestic industry, Parrot Bay should instead harken back to its roots. It needs a campaign to remind us all why it maintains its shelf space. A campaign to remind us, it's not all the same.

Now seating.

ZipRecruiter is a start-up job board out of Santa Monica. They have created a very intuitive and responsive way to connect visitors with businesses that share their passion for quality. I believe a national ad spot could highlight the eccentricities that make ZipRecruiter a unique experience.


Meet Zip, he's an office chair with spunk. He is flexible, reliable, adjustable and approachable. He can see situations from any direction. He is the ultimate candidate for the position of the recruiter.


Zip is interviewed in a comical setting being compared to other candidates for the position. A recliner, a dining chair. The recliner is too bulky, too slow and limited in its options. The dining chair is too rigid, too stark and basic in a technology-driven world.


Zip is the perfect chair for the job. He will find you the best fit, quickly. After all, ZipRecruiter is NOW SEATING. 

Croutons of Campaigns

Cleopatra and Caesar's prom picture. (Trojan condoms)


A kid from 2016 in a 1999 classroom attempting to use an Encarta CD ROM when Wikipedia won't appear. 


Serta sheep as Christmas past, present & future.



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